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MEPs agree further motor insurance protections in EU

Minimum cover among new safeguards for accident victims

Court gives effect to EU judges' article 50 ruling

Declarator pronounced, with expenses against UK Government

Holyrood EU Continuity Act provisions conflict with UK Act: Supreme Court

Justices reject general challenge but strike down several sections

UK can reverse article 50 notice, EU court rules

Decision would mean remaining in EU on same terms

Supreme Court to give decision in Holyrood EU Continuity Bill case

Seven Justices to rule on validity of Scottish Parliament measure

UK able to revoke article 50 notice: advocate general

Opinion for EU court supports rights of the member state

Supreme Court refuses permission to appeal in article 50 case

First Division interlocutor not a "final judgment" in terms of Act

EU court forces suspension of UK winter power scheme

Commission should have investigated capacity market scheme for state aid

Ministers fail to halt article 50 Europe reference

Court of Session refuses permission to appeal to UK Supreme Court

UK Government asks CJEU to decline article 50 reference

Written observations maintain questions inadmissible

Lawyers sign up for People's Vote campaign

Letter to Prime Minister attracts 1,400 signatures

Funding to help with EU Settlement Scheme announced

£9 million to help organisations inform vulnerable individuals