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Legal challenge to Holyrood Brexit Bill opens in Supreme Court

Seven Justices to rule on validity of Legal Continuity measure

CCBE calls on Poland to change tack over judiciary

Forced retirements "undermine rule of law"

Law Societies join other professionals in seeking post-Brexit rights

Joint letter to Prime Minister sets out needs to support service sector

Justice co-operation post-Brexit must be on different basis: Barnier

European arrest warrant "cannot apply" without freedom of movement

Judge refuses CJEU reference in Brexit revocation challenge

Lord Boyd declines to seek ruling on "hypothetical" issue

Holyrood holds out against EU Withdrawal Bill as MSPs refuse consent

Conservatives alone in backing acceptance of UK settlement offer

Brexit Bill should be rejected without settlement, MSPs report

Committee still believes Scotland-UK disagreement can be resolved

Scottish ministers hold out on Brexit devolution deal as Welsh settle

"Key sticking point" is limiting Holyrood powers without consent: Russell

Peers vote to keep EU Charter of Rights

Further Government defeat over EU Withdrawal Bill

UK ministers begin court challenge to Brexit continuity bills

Supreme Court to rule on competence of devolved legislation

Scottish EU Withdrawal Continuity Bill passed by MSPs

Challenge to ministers to test legality of emergency measure