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Appeal judges give leave for article 50 review proceedings

Campaigners seek to challenge UK Government stance on revocability

Judge's Macfadyen Lecture highlights Brexit legal complexities

Ian Forrester QC calls for "moderation and clarity in discourse"

Judge refuses permission for judicial review on article 50 withdrawal

Legality of withdrawal notice held not a factor in Government policy

Ministers given too much power by EU Withdrawal Bill, peers report

Committee calls for more effective parliamentary scrutiny

Lords committee calls for amendments as Brexit Bill comes before House

Bill needs changes to make it "constitutionally appropriate"

MEPs propose new European Parliament makeup after Brexit

Numbers to be cut, some seats shared out, and new EU-wide list

Advocates call for clarity over CJEU role – but deal must come first

Submission argues relationship terms must precede dispute mechanism

MSPs in Westminster talks over EU Withdrawal Bill

Cross-party group meeting peers and MPs to avert "constitutional crisis"

Scottish ministers plan emergency EU Bill if UK Bill not changed

Continuity Bill would give leverage in dispute with UK Government

EU Withdrawal Bill incompatible with devolution powers, MSPs report

Unanimous committee "not in a position to recommend" consent

European Court confirms Uber "transport firm" ruling

Member states can regulate conditions for provision of service

Lords committee calls for evidence on post-Brexit CJEU role

Concerns raised by former judges over operation of retained EU law