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Commission concerned about COVID prison conditions

Letter to Justice Secretary calls for action on prisoner numbers and risks

Employers urged to help domestic abuse victims

Focus on workers’ legal rights

Human Rights Act review issues call for evidence

Seven week period for submissions on working of Act

UNCRC bill should cover all service providers: report

Stage 1 report supports general principles but calls for extended scope

Hate Crime Bill passes stage 1

Conservatives only party to vote against after Yousaf promises amendments

Forensic Medical Services Bill is passed by Holyrood

Landmark law to help victims of sexual offences

Justice Committee backs Hate Crime Bill, if amended

Stage 1 report proposes further changes than agreed to date by Yousaf

Eight named to review Human Rights Act operation

Glasgow's Tom Mullen among independent panel under Sir Peter Gross

Evictions to be halted over Christmas

Move will help tenants through Covid crisis

Public bodies failing in racial equality, MSPs report

Committee calls for action on diversity and ethnic pay gap

Scottish Human Rights Commission releases Annual Report

Staff praised for "skill and commitment" during pandemic

Macfadyen Lecture now to be given online

Judge Tim Eicke to deliver shortened version on 5 November