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Lawyers challenge May threat to human rights laws

Calls to respect rule of law under European Convention

Human Rights Court to provide reasons for inadmissibility decisions

CCBE welcomes move to explain why applications rejected

"Indy camp" campaigners appeal permission request thrown out

Supreme Court finds no arguable point of law

Annulling gratuitous alienations no breach of human rights, judge rules

Lack of discretion in court did not make provision disproportionate

Publish human rights advice, Commission proposes to Holyrood

Reform submission calls for stronger checks on legislative competence

Minister stands by Scottish human rights record

Statement published on Government position ahead of UN review

Ministers need to raise game on human rights, Commission claims

Evidence to UN review calls for all rights treaties to be given effect

Asylum seeker's human rights claim over dropped prosecution refused

No article 8 breach where evidence of matter properly a crime, UKSC rules

Limited success for state hospital smoker in Supreme Court appeal

Board should have considered patient freedoms ahead of possession policy

UKSC: exclusion of reasonable belief defence to underage sex against ECHR

Judges annul provision of Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009

Order removing college board not unlawful, court rules

Member fails in challenge based on human rights and common law

Brexit equality plans "lack ambition", Commission tells ministers

EHRC publishes five point plan on strengthening rights status