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Judicial Institute's Hub wins European innovation prize

"Crystal Scales of Justice" awarded to Scottish training body

No data "safe harbour" in USA, EU court rules

Transfer of Facebook data could be suspended for lack of privacy

ICO takes action over missing evidence DVD

Undertaking required from legal firm after collection arrangement fails

Court issues guidance on operation of internet restrictions

Case raises issues of how much discretion to supervising officers

Smart IT means flexible work but long hours, Society study finds

Gap widens between those prepared to work long hours and those not

British Library announces favourites for digital "Magna Carta" clauses

Free information, and freedom from censorship, top the vote

QC offers lawyers their own social media site

Mootis allows opinions, blogs, images and more

Social media survey puts Inksters high in Twitter ratings

Firm competes with London giants in engagement rankings

Council held in data protection breach for surveillance of sick employee

Insufficient evidence to justify move, Information Commissioner rules

Warning for law firm employees who move with client records

Paralegal committed data protection offence by taking sensitive details

ICO publishes data access request guidance

"Best practice" code for organisations receiving requests

Police "ring of steel" on car numbers disproportionate, ICO rules

Force ordered to review comprehensive recognition policy