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Child abuse damages time limit bill introduced to Holyrood

Law change will make action easier for survivors of post-1964 abuse

UK to derogate from ECHR to prevent foreign combat claims

Ministers purporting to end "vexatious" human rights claims

Three practice notes issued for All-Scotland PI Court

General directions come with recording of proceedings, and taxation

Foreign law rules EU road injury claim sued in UK: Supreme Court

Judges rule on effect of scheme enabling victim to sue in home court

Objection to jury damages guidance must be stated immediately, judge rules

Note of exception taken one hour later was too late

November date for mandatory damages pre-action protocol

Claims up to £25,000 to attempt settlement before action

Golf club fails in action over fire caused by faulty buggy

No statutory or common law breach of duty, Inner House rules

Natural siblings of adopted person denied damages claim

Court rules 2011 Damages Act does not cut across Adoption Act

Director not liable in damages despite company's lack of insurance

Bare majority in Supreme Court upholds Court of Session decision

No-fault medical redress scheme only for lower value cases: Society

Cap should be £25,000 rather than £100,000, response argues

Advocates oppose defamation threshold test in reform response

Scotland "needs more cases" to be attractive as forum

Faculty voices doubts over "no blame" medical compensation scheme

Response argues that better court procedures would achieve more