A legaltech specialist company has relocated its headquarters from Australia to the UK to boost its global expansion plans.

LawAdvisor believes that the intelligent design and adoption of technology for legal operations can deliver significant efficiencies and opportunities for both law firms and in-house corporate counsel. It offers both proprietary products and other technologies.

The move to London enables it to work more closely with key stakeholders in the international headquarters of the world’s biggest firms and corporations, rather than through local offices in the Australian market.

Founded in 2015 by lawyer and software developer Brennan Ong, LawAdvisor developed a platform that helped consumers to more easily identify and pursue legal claims, and connect them directly to lawyers, followed by a range of bespoke legal operations solutions.  

Mr Ong commented: “The way corporate counsel procure legal services today is in dire need of change. Decisions are too often made on a referral basis, without due attention paid to whether the firm is right for the brief or providing good value for money. Similarly, the management of legal matters at even the most tech-enabled global law firms is plagued by inefficiency and prevents collaboration, both within the team and with clients, meaning lawyers are spending far too much time (and wasting clients’ money) on coordination, thereby detracting from the time they can spend on substantive legal work.”