Law firm CMS has teamed up with the Scottish business community to deliver a series of free to attend discussions focusing on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Titled ESG Exchange and running through March, the series will see CMS partner Jae Fassam joined by specialist guest speakers to discuss the implications of ESG in the real world through a series of five weekly conversations. The 30 minute sessions are designed to help company directors and senior management grasp practical ESG-related issues, including the sustainability agenda, supply chain issues, business ethics, social justice concerns, employment practices, and board diversity and accountability. 

The first session, Mindset, opportunity and culture: an introduction to ESG is available online on 2 March, featuring Professor Kenneth Amaeshi, Chair in Business and Sustainable Development at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He will explore how businesses and organisations are engaging with ESG principles, the role of law and regulation, and what action is needed to translate good intentions into meaningful action.

Further guests will include Doug Heron, CEO of the Lothian Pension Fund; Bill McGowan, general counsel for the Scottish National Investment Bank; and a number of specialists from CMS, including the firm’s UK senior partner, Penelope Warne.

Jae Fassam commented: “The risks and opportunities presented by the integration of ESG factors are an issue for all aspects of a business and are critical to long term value and business resilience, requiring a strong focus at board level. The pandemic has accelerated the ESG agenda, making climate risk and responsible business principles an increasingly important feature as we begin to rebuild our economy.” 

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