A new fund to tackle race discrimination and help victims seek justice has been launched by the Equality & Human Rights Commission.

The Commission will use the fund to support court cases, including funding and legal expertise. It will be open for a minimum of two years and legal practitioners will be able to apply from December for support towards their clients’ cases.

The fund is part of the Commission's legal support scheme, which began in 2017 and provides vital funding and legal assistance to individuals so they can pursue their claims and access the justice they deserve. It follows the success of its previous work providing support to disabled people who have experienced discrimination, and those who have been discriminated against by education and transport providers.

Kishwer Faulkner, chair of the Equality & Human Rights Commission commented: “From sports clubs to workplaces, many ethnic minority people sadly still face prejudice and race discrimination in their everyday lives. And organisations of all kinds are failing to protect victims from it. That’s why, as Britain’s equality regulator, we are taking on this challenge. Through one of our biggest funds, we will help victims find justice by taking action against organisations who may have broken equality law. This will help us to advance race equality across Britain.”

Further details are on the Commission's website