The Scottish Covid-19 Inquiry has marked its public launch with the opening of its bespoke website.

Led by Court of Session judge Lady Poole, the inquiry's aim is to establish the facts of, and learn lessons from, the strategic response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Scotland, in particular around 12 specific areas listed in its terms of reference

Since being officially set up on 28 February this year, the inquiry has been working to recruit an inquiry team, find premises and put in infrastructure. Its counsel team commenced preparatory work at the beginning of March, and there is ongoing recruitment for key positions.  

The inquiry will proceed to its formal investigatory stage once it has the necessary systems in place to underpin an inquiry of this scale. It is not yet in a position for people to provide evidence and information to it. Once it is, information will be provided including on the website about how people can participate.

"People have legitimate questions about the handling of the pandemic in Scotland", Lady Poole says in a video message on the website. "This inquiry has been set up to provide answers."

Promising a "fair, open and thorough investigation", she added: "We want the inquiry to lead to Scotland  being better prepared were something like this ever to happen again."