Intending applicants for financial support from its scholarship programmes have just over a week left to apply, the Faculty of Advocates has reminded prospective devils intending to begin their training in 2023.

Four scholarships schemes are available for those planning to seek admission to the Scottish bar: the Lord Reid Scholarship, the Faculty Scholarship, the Lord Hope Scholarships, and the SCLR scholarship, funded by the Scottish Council of Law Reporting and administered by the Faculty.

Depending on the particular scholarship and the applicant's circumstances, amounts paid can range from around £1,500 to £10,000 or more. In addition to financial assistance, the scholarships are also aimed at promoting and encouraging diversity within Faculty's membership base to reflect the population advocates serve in seeking justice for the people of Scotland.

During the past four years, 50 scholarships worth over a quarter of a million pounds have been awarded.

Ruth Crawford QC, treasurer of the Faculty of Advocates and chair of its Scholarship Committee, said the scholarships "all aim to improve accessibility to those wanting to train as devils and then practise as advocates. Applicants must demonstrate sufficient ability to merit an award, but greater weighting is given to those in financial need or to those from groups currently underrepresented".

The deadline for applications for all of the scholarships – for those considering commencing devilling in 2023 – is Friday 29 April 2022. Applications will be decided well in advance of the final deadline for matriculating as an intrant for devilling in 2023. Details on the application process and further information can be found here.