Wearing face masks becomes compulsory in shops across Scotland today – but the Disability Law Centre says it is considering legal action over what it claims is confusing signage about wearing masks.

It said the guidance and signage that the Scottish Government has issued to retailers is confusing and does not comply with either human rights or equality law, as it makes no mention of disability, or any of the exemptions from wearing a face mask.

Physical disability, and communication difficulties, are among the factors listed in the regulations as constituting a reasonable excuse for failing to wear a face covering.

"We know from our experience that disabled people are facing hostility and are being made to feel that they must justify themselves to others, and account for why they are out of the house, not shielding, or acting independently to travel or shop", the law centre explained.

"The Scottish Government has duty of care to disabled people, to protect disabled people from abuse, and to ensure that all messaging in accurate, is inclusive of disabled people and does not engender hostility because a disabled person is unable to wear a face mask.

"We continue to monitor this situation and are considering legal action to ensure that disabled people are protected from discrimination, harassment, or abuse."