Opportunities for delivering "fair work" in the current economic climate, and the barriers to doing so, are the subject of a new consultation from the Scottish Government.

Ministers are seeking to advance their agenda of Scotland becoming a "Fair Work Nation" – one where "Fair Work drives success, wellbeing and prosperity for individuals, businesses, organisations and society".

With inequalities remaining rooted in society, and in workplaces, they are seeking to promote fair work practices, though are constrained by employment law being reserved to Westminster.

By 2025 they want to see reduced pay gaps affecting women, the disabled and ethnic minorities; the full rollout of "Fair Work First" criteria across the public sector, including grants recipients; better pay, conditions and job security; more options for flexible and family friendly working; and an agile skills system that responds to changing workplace needs.

Beyond being applied across the public sector, fair work will be "woven right through" the National Strategy for Economic Transformation, and complement the policy development for the forthcoming Human Rights Bill.

Questions in the consultation focus on the opportunities for adopting fair work practices across different sectors, the barriers given the current economic climate, what actions the Government can take, and how individuals and organisations can help.

Click here to access the consultation. The closing date for responses is 23 December 2021.