The Good Food Nation (Scotland) Bill has passed its final stage in the Scottish Parliament.

Following its stage 3 debate MSPs unanimously approved the measure, which commits the Scottish Government, local authorities and health boards to create strategies for sustainability of food supply and improvement of food quality in order to improve outcomes for health, the environment and biodiversity, the economy and other areas. 

A Food Commission will also be established for scrutinising and making recommendations in relation to the good food nation plans and progress reports; conducting research; and providing advice to ministers and relevant authorities in carrying out their duties under the bill.

Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon said: “The Good Food Nation Bill reinforces our commitment to ensuring that everyone in Scotland has access to healthy, nutritious fare and that businesses and public kitchens commit to producing, selling and serving good food.

“Organisations can play a leading role in this process – looking at how they boost local procurement, cut down food waste and packaging and use in-season produce as well disposing of food waste in an environmentally friendly way.

“In addition, food education can equip school pupils with the key skills they need to cook tasty, nutritious meals using the incredible array of world-class produce we have, and also make informed food choices when they are away from home.”

Read the stage 3 debate (begins 1704).