The stated principles for land rights and responsibilities in Scotland are coming up for review, and consultation has opened on whether they need revised.

The Scottish Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, the first of its kind in the world, was drawn up under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 and published the following year. It requires to be reviewed every five years and ministers want to ensure that it remains relevant to current Scottish land issues.

In its first version the statement sets out a vision of a strong and dynamic relationship between Scotland’s land and its people. It is founded on six principles that should underpin every decision about land, and is supported by case studies and advisory notes to provide further background and explanations of how the principles can apply in practice and how they link to other policies.

A proposed revised vision takes into account climate change objectives and the shift to a green economy, to read: "A Scotland with a strong and dynamic relationship between its land and people, where all land contributes to a modern and successful country and supports a just transition to net zero, and where rights and responsibilities in relation to land and natural capital are fully recognised and fulfilled."

Under the Act, seven specific aspects must be considered when developing the statement, including respecting human rights, supporting and facilitating community empowerment and furthering sustainable development in relation to land.

The consultation outlines the wider context, focusing on what has changed since the publication of the first statement, including the impact of Brexit and COVID-19. Key questions follow, the responses to which will help shape the review. Further questions deal with implementation and awareness, and finally with assessing the impact of policy making.

Click here to access the consultation. Responses are due by 28 January 2022.