A virtual version of the traditional "pass the parcel" game has been launched today by the Lawscot Foundation, the Law Society of Scotland’s social mobility charity.

The virtual fundraising campaign is inviting everyone to participate, by asking participants to make a donation to the Foundation and then to "pass the parcel" on social media by nominating someone else to do the same, using the hashtag #LawscotPassTheParcel.

The campaign is raising funds for the Lawscot Foundation, which supports academically talented students from less-advantaged backgrounds in Scotland through their legal education. This year’s Pass the Parcel campaign is aiming to raise £2,500, enough to fund one of its students through a year of their law degree.

Milly Berndes-Cade, outreach development officer at the Law Society of Scotland, said: “This campaign is a brilliant way to raise funds for the Foundation, after another incredibly tough and challenging year for everyone. All charities have had their fundraising severely affected throughout the pandemic, and hopefully this campaign will bring a little fun and raise enough to support a student through a year of their law degree. 

“Last year we raised over £3,200 – it would be fabulous if we could beat that this time around!”

At 3pm every Friday before Christmas and on Thursday 23 December, the "music" will stop and one of the week’s participants will win a festive prize.

To find out more and to start passing the parcel click this link.