Students accepted into the Lawscot Foundation programme are set to benefit from a new sponsorship agreement with textbook publisher Bloomsbury Professional.

Bloomsbury has agreed to supply each student who is accepted into the Foundation's programme from this year with 18 textbooks required for their study of Scots law.

The Lawscot Foundation is the Law Society of Scotland's charity to widen access to the legal profession by supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds through their degree and postgraduate diploma studies.

The new sponsorship has been announced as the Foundation takes applications for the 2022 round of bursaries. Prospective LLB students are encouraged to apply before the closing date on Friday 10 June 2022.

Bloomsbury's books included in the agreement have a combined value of more than £1,000 at recommended retail prices. The bursaries awarded by the Foundation also include an annual grant of £2,500, mentoring, networking and work experience opportunities.

Lawscot Foundation spokesman Darren Kerr said: "The generosity of Bloomsbury in providing this new sponsorship is a brilliant addition to our bursary programme. It shows they fully support our charity’s aim of helping students from less-advantaged backgrounds pursue a career in law.

"Textbooks can be a substantial expense for any law student, so this is going to make a major difference to our future bursary recipients and will mean the grant money we provide them will stretch that much further.

"Bloomsbury is the largest publisher of specialist Scottish legal textbooks, so supplying their full suite of highly regarded student titles will give our students a really strong grounding as they work to establish their legal knowledge and careers."

Karen Reid, sales and marketing manager for Bloomsbury Professional Scotland, added: "We are delighted to support the Lawscot Foundation and its students by providing free textbooks throughout their four years of study.

"At Bloomsbury we want to be involved and support the communities and professions where our books play such an important role in terms of study. It’s great to be involved with such a worthwhile initiative."

Bursary applications can be made at the Lawscot Foundation website.