Scottish ministers are considering whether electricians should be regulated by law, after an MSP consulted ahead of bringing in his own bill on the subject.

A new Government consultation is asking whether regulatory measures are required to give greater protection to the public and reduce the level of poor electrical workmanship by a persistent rogue trader element.

It also discusses increasing consumer awareness and helping consumers identify or verify competent and qualified electricians.

Currently anyone can call themselves an electrician, without the need for any qualifications or competency.  This can lead to customers, especially domestic consumers, hiring unqualified or less competent individuals, resulting in faults that can lead to a risk of fire or personal injury through electric shocks.

Earlier this month consultation closed on Conservative MSP Jamie Halcro Johnson's proposal to bring in an Electricians (Scotland) Bill, which would provide for a single, unified register of qualified, experienced and competent electricians in Scotland, and protection of title for those who are registered.

While the focus of the new consultation is on domestic work carried out for individual consumers, it will also apply to commercial and industrial work.

Click here to access the consultation. The deadline for responses is 12 February 2021.