Fees for legal reports and plans reports from Registers of Scotland (RoS) will see big rises from this coming Monday, 30 September.

RoS says the rises, the first since the reports were introduced in 2014, are necessary because the fees currently charged no longer cover its costs.

A legal report on unregistered subjects goes up from £55 to £85, and on registered subjects from £50 to £75. For legal continuation reports the first is still free, but the fee for subsequent reports rises from £25 to £40.

For plans reports, level 1 will cost £55 compared with £35, level 2 £70 compared with £45, and level 3 £85 compared with £55. Continuation reports will still be free.

Combined plans and legal reports will be charged at £130 compared with £85 for level 1, £145 compared with £95 for level 2, and £150 compared with £100 for level 3.

VAT has to be added to all charges.

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