Postgraduate students of Scots law are being invited to apply for a new award to mark the bicentenary of Session Cases in 2021.

The Scottish Council of Law Reporting, which publishes the official law reports from the higher Scottish courts, is marking 200 years of publication by offering a scholarship award of £20,000, to be applied by the successful student to cover their course fees and as a contribution to their living costs during the year.

It has written to the heads of all the law schools in Scotland inviting applications from postgraduate students in Scotland who are studying or researching any aspect of Scots law. The scholarship, to be awarded by the Council, will be for the year 2020-21.

Postgraduate law students who are interested in applying for the scholarship should in the first instance contact the head of their law school, who will have further details. Applications should be received by the Council before 3 September 2020.

The first case reported in Session Cases was Strang v McIntosh, dated 12 May 1821. Other initiatives to mark the bicentenary year are being planned. The Council hopes that the Session Cases Bicentenary Scholarship may become an annual award.