Social Security Scotland seeks input to equality strategy: The Journal Online

Social Security Scotland is seeking views from the public, and especially those who experience discrimination and disadvantage, as it develops its first equality strategy. 

The strategy will set out its commitment to mainstreaming equality, underpinned by a set of strong "mainstreaming" equality outcomes, the focus of the present consultation.

It is aimed at ensuring:

  • the right outcomes for a new growing organisation;
  • a focus towards making practical improvements and on addressing inequality;
  • clarity on what it aims to achieve and how it can measure and demonstrate this.

The benefits administration body is looking for input to help it deliver an equality strategy that achieves practical improvements for those who experience discrimination and disadvantage, and are reflective of its stakeholders' needs.

Click here to access the consultation, which is available in various formats including plain text, easy read, BSL video, and audio. The deadline for responses is 6 Februrary 2020.