Lawyers in the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service are to be balloted on possible strike action one pay, the Herald reports today.

The FDA trade union is organising the ballot, which centres on a dispute over prosecutors being paid less that equivalent lawyers in the Scottish Government Legal Service. The union claims starting salaries are £15,000 lower, and that the issue has remained unresolved for a decade. The ballot was called after ministers said they would not meet the union's request.

If members agree to strike action, the union said a statutory ballot would be held early in the new year.

The move follows yesterday's day of action by defence solicitors protesting at lack of support through legal aid funding since the COVID-19 lockdown. Edinburgh solicitors refused to appear to represent those detained in custody over the weekend, while in Glasgow only committee members of the Glasgow Bar Association were present in court on behalf of their colleagues, and the court did not conclude until 9pm.