Guidance for overseas students

It is very important that if you are studying with the intention of securing employment thereafter in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK ( as a trainee solicitor or otherwise) , that you make enquiries to satisfy yourself that you meet the appropriate visa requirements.

Foreign students may need to apply for a Tier 4 visa.

It is important to be aware of your change in status after you have completed the LLB and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, when you commence your traineeship. If you currently hold/ have held a Tier 4 visa for studying, when you undertake the traineeship and then work as a solicitor, you will need to apply for a Tier 2 visa.

Currently, the salary threshold to sponsor a Tier 2 visa for a trainee/solicitor is £24,000, which is significantly more than a first year trainee’s recommended salary. This earning threshold set by the UK Government may be subject to change and the trainee recommended salary is reviewed by the Law Society of Scotland on an annual basis.

For further information, we would advise that you visit the UK Government's website.


Rest of UK (rUK) students

You need to ensure that you are satisfied that you are able to access funding for your education and you understand what you will be eligible for at each stage of your education.

rUK students will be required to pay the relevant tuition fees at universities and may be eligible to receive loans or alternative financial support from their local funding bodies for the LLB. For the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, rUK students may not be entitled to receive any financial assistance from their local funding body. It is essential that rUK students fully understand their financial situation before undertaking the route to qualifying as a Scottish solicitor. 

For further information, we recommend that you use the UK Government website to identify your eligibility for financial support.