Street Law provides highly-participatory, law-focused education to school pupils over a period of 6 - 8 weeks while also contributing to the professional development of Scots Law students. The law students themselves design and deliver classes about the law and the legal process which also cover the knowledge and skills that school pupils can use to recognise, prevent and in some cases, resolve legal problems. The course is grounded in the experience of the young people - it is a course in practical law.

Street Law lessons are characterised by rich legal content examining practical law, legal policy and the constitution. Lessons focus not only on what the law is but crucially, begin the discussion of ‘what the law ought to be’. The classes use the pupils’ inherent interest in law and their own experiences, to develop high-level cognitive, literacy and interpersonal skills. The programme is covered in more depth in the document: Street Law Curriculum and the Curriculum For Excellence’.

In early 2014/15, Street Law was piloted in 5 schools in Glasgow. Interest in the project quickly grew and we were soon in 25 schools across Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian, Aberdeen and South Ayrshire.  Moving into our fourth Street Law year, we continue to work with many of our pilot schools as well as new schools in these areas, Dundee and also Fife for the first time. 

If your school, or local authority, would like to discuss being involved with Street Law or If you would like to see example lesson plans created by law students please contact Lyndsey Thomson at the Law Society of Scotland (

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What is Street Law?
What do schools say about Street Law?

"Trainers were fantastic! Very professional and at the standard you would expect from a teaching member of staff"

Deans Community High School

"The trainers were very well prepared and professional. The Higher class of 28 pupils were a particularly responsive and vocal group. An excellent experience for all, thank you!"

Harris Academy

"Excellent experience for all young people concerned. Pupils were motivated and engaged. Wide variety of different issues explored. Well done and a big thank you!"

Menzieshill High School

Support Street Law

Street Law is currently supported by Pinsent Masons and CMS Cameron McKenna.  If your organisation is interested in supporting this fantastic programme through sponsorship partnerships, please contact Charlotta Cederqvist on 0131 476 8166 or at