The table below outlines the accredited providers offering the Diploma in the session 2022/23 and the number of places available; full-time and part-time.

Diploma provider Number of places 2022/23 full time Number of places 2022/23 part time
University of Aberdeen 96 N/A
University of Dundee 72 places total including full time and part time
University of Edinburgh 140 places total including full time and part time
University of Glasgow 204 places total including full time and part time
Robert Gordon University Flexible Flexible
University of Strathclyde 150 15

Differences between providers

 Although many of the compulsory modules will be similar, each Diploma course will offer different compulsory modules and electives and will vary in terms of options and timetables. We recommend taking time to research the different universities offering the Diploma to ensure you are making an informed decision as to where you are going to apply.

Every year in January/ February ahead of applications opening, we run a Virtual Diploma Fair to allow you to compare providers. This is now open for you to view.  If you have any specific questions for Diploma providers, we recommend you get in touch with them directly. For general questions, explore this section of the website and get in touch with us at

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Virtual Diploma Fair

Before applying for the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, it's essential for you to be as informed as possible about your options. That's why we run the Virtual Diploma Fair every year.