Requalifying into Scotland as an overseas solicitor

If you want to requalify in Scotland, all applications for admission as a Scottish solicitor from overseas solicitors are referred to the Admissions Sub-Committee of the Law Society of Scotland. Each application, in terms of what that applicant requires to complete as part of the requalification process, is determined on its own merits.


Your application: first steps


Your must first apply for a Certificate of Eligibility and as part of this application, there are various items of supporting documentation that you must provide. These are all listed in the application form document. Please note this will include a non-refundable administration fee of £400 and a £25 processing charge for your Disclosure Scotland application. Your application to be permitted to commence the requalification process as a Scottish solicitor will be considered only after we have received this application form, relevant supporting documents, payment and a Certificate of Good Standing from your home Bar Association. 


Your application will then be placed before the Law Society’s Admissions Sub-Committee. 

Guidance on the process of requalification

It is for the Admissions Sub-Committee to determine precisely what is required of you but the team here can give you some guidance as to the process. It is likely that the process will follow the stages below.


Pass the Law Society of Scotland's exams


There are currently twelve subjects that you may be required to pass.  It would be open to you to apply for exemptions from any of these examinations on the basis of past study and qualifications. The Society's examinations are held in Edinburgh and there are two diets each year, in February and August. It is impossible to sit all of the examinations at one diet as some are held concurrently. 


The requirement with regards to our examinations are that they are completed within four years of first presentation for examination and that no more than four attempts are permitted. You must ensure that you have enroled for your first exam within a year of being granted your Certificate of Eligibility.


Visit our exam area to find out about enrolment costs, extenuating circumstances, guidelines and syllabus.



Undertake Professional Education and Training (PEAT)


In addition to exams, you would likely be asked to obtain a qualification known as the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice, which is known as Professional Education and Training stage one.


You would then move onto Professional Education and Training stage two, which is the traineeship. It would be likely you would be required to complete at least one year under a standard training contract, prior to applying for admission (i.e. being fully qualified).


If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Qualifications Coordinator, Martyn Robinson (

Law Society of Scotland exams

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