We publish a range of financial information to ensure transparency and accountability including our annual budget and the Scottish Solicitors' Guarantee Fund (now operating as the Client Protection Fund) budget.

We also give details of the personal expense claims of the President and the Vice President, as well as our committee conveners' allowances.

For details about our anti-bribery policy contact registrar@lawscot.org.uk.

Committee members' remuneration

Following a review of convener and committee compensation during 2011, a new payment structure took effect from 1 June 2012 (the 'convener year' ends on 31 May). The full list is available from the menu of related documents on this page.

Payments are not designed to equate to a commercial hourly rate, but are made in recognition of the significant commitment the conveners are willing to make for the benefit of the profession.

The Council recognised that there may be minor amendments as a result of further reflection on time commitments. If all conveners and board members claim what they are entitled to, the overall cost for the year to 31 May 2013 would be £135,000.

A comprehensive review of the remuneration of office bearers and conveners was carried out by a working group chaired by Dr Bronwen Cohen, a lay member of our Council.

The group established a number of key principles to work towards:

  • barriers to taking on roles should be addressed
  • those taking on roles should neither be out of pocket nor profit from the work
  • there should be full transparency to the membership of remuneration and expenses

The report is available from the menu of related documents on this page. Following a meeting of Council, a number of recommendations were taken forward. These are also available from the menu of related documents.

Office bearers' expenses

Each year we publish the personal expense claims of the current, and future, President and Vice President.

Expense claims must be reconciled with credit card statements so publication will be approximately one month after the expense has been claimed and may not cover the precise calendar month. Some items, such as mileage expenses, may appear some time after they were incurred. We will aim to publish expenses in the first full week of each month. It should be noted that the we may pay for travel on behalf of the President or Vice President through a travel agent and that these invoices are not included in the published expense claims. It should also be noted that the published expense claims have not been audited.

All Council and committee member expense claims are made against an agreed expenses policy and scrutinised by a relevant member of staff before approval and payment. All department accounts are scrutinised quarterly and all committee expenses are accounted for through departmental reporting. Annual accounts are then audited by our auditors. This audit includes random samples of all expenditure items. Our auditors also carry out an annual interim audit which looks at controls, procedures and systems in place.