As part of our plan to meet our objective to be a world class organisation, we are committed to improving our performance in relation to corporate social responsibility  including a continued focus on environmental sustainability.

This is currently addressed in three ways:

  1. The work we undertake to  ensure that as an organisation we meet our obligations under the Scottish Government's Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 in relation to segregation of all recyclable waste materials.
  2. The programme of initiatives we put in place to facilitate positive engagement in the community by our own colleagues. 
  3. The support of a charity on a yearly basis. 

Our charity of the year for 2021-22 is Scottish Autism

Employee volunteer days

Every colleague is entitled to take one day a year (or two half days) which they can dedicate to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity.  This can take the form of an activity organised by our CSR team, or colleagues who may already undertake some volunteer or charity work in their own time may use their volunteer day working with that organisation.  Some of our colleagues who sit on external charitable Boards use their allocated CSR time for this. 

Over the last few years, our colleagues have undertaken numerous charitable days, we've done hit squads with Freshstart, we've built bottle greenhouses, we've revamped the gardens of a number of care homes and we've helped rebuild the chicken runs and build new fences at Gorgie City Farm.  A number of colleagues have helped elderly neighbors with fence painting or gardening and some have helped with their local school after school activities.  In 2018-19, we started a paired reading programme with a local primary school.