We run a series of CPD events for in-house lawyers, which are open to all solicitors working in-house. 

To help us improve our programme we're always looking for your suggestions for future CPD seminar topics and enthusiastic in-house lawyers to speak at seminars and conferences.

To contribute, email inhouse@lawscot.org.uk with your ideas.

Video conferencing

Our seminars are generally hosted at the our office in Edinburgh in the evenings. From there, video conferencing is available and we regularly link to a number of sites across Scotland.

For those unable to attend in person, we also offer a limited number of PC links. If you are interested in setting up a video conferencing link for your organisation, please contact us.

Working in-house

In-house lawyers make a critical contribution to the success of the companies and organisations that employ them. If you work in-house, we want to hear from you.