Convener: Graeme McWilliams

Secretary: Beth Anderson (

Aims & functions of the committee

  • To engage with in-house solicitors and trainees (not working in private practice), ensuring the Law Society understands and serves their professional needs.
  • To promote the interests and status of in-house solicitors and trainees.
  • To encourage and assist in the development of better training of solicitors and trainees working in-house.
  • To promote the value of employing in-house solicitors and trainees to organisations who do not currently employ solicitors or trainees.

Graeme McWilliams (Convener)
Jennifer Bairner
David Boag
David Bryson
John Forsyth
James Honan
Thembe McInnes
Lauren McRobert
Sheekha Saha
Maria Sanz Arcas
Norma Shippin
Sharon Wares
Vladimir Valiente
Beth Anderson (Secretary)