Emotional Intelligence for Enhanced Performance

Date: 6th September 2022

Online, Zoom

Join us for online for a deep-dive into the landscape of emotional intelligence for enhanced performance.

Limited places available
3 hours verifiable CPD

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the term used to describe the practice of effective management of one's emotions both personally and interpersonally. EQ, or Emotional Quotient, is the personality measure used to quantify the degree to which an individual possesses specific emotionally intelligent behaviours.

These fall into 2 key areas:

  • PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS - we need to be able to manage ourselves before we can manage tasks or others...so showing resilience, acting with initiative, driving for success, responding to change and having a focus on growth would be central to enhancing the effectiveness of your own performance
  • INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS - getting the best out of people (staff, work colleagues, clients/customers, stakeholders et al) is fundamental in any work environment. Our actions impact others, especially if you are a leader. 'Softer' competencies such as valuing and relating to people, influencing and inspiring others as well as coaching and developing those in your circle are crucial behaviours.

Whatever your role, these emotional intelligence competencies are considered in assessment, selection and promotion decisions universally and often form the basis of performance appraisals. Whilst certain aspects of our personality remain stable through our adult lives, the fact that we never stop learning means that some behaviours are most certainly open to change. And it logically follows therefore, that enhancing these behaviours could influence our performance in the workplace. Extensive research has demonstrated that emotionally intelligent individuals are more successful in a range of environments.

Once registered, you will benefit from completing a questionnaire prior to attendance. The focus is on enhancing your personal effectiveness so that you can begin addressing your interpersonal performance in your work. There will be a mixture of online presentation, activities, discussions plus both individual and group discussions /exercises to help you identify strategies for future growth.

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Business Psychologist and Executive/Career Coach


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