Covid-19 Trainee Updates
Events postponed:

27 March - Module 1

15 May - Module 4

22 May - Module 2


Trainee CPD - updated 27 March

All those who are due to qualify prior to June 30 are now required to complete 48 hours of TCPD of which a minimum of 32 must be from an authorised provider and a maximum of 16 from a non-authorised provider. The Ethics course must be completed in full.

Trainees who are qualifying before 30 June and who have already undertaken more than 48 hours of TCPD are deemed to have met the TCPD requirements.

More information is available on our Coronavirus update webpage under the Trainees and Students section.

What can LawScot TCPD programme registered trainees be doing in the short-term?
  • Email to take advantage of 20 hours of free Online CPD from our archive
  • Complete and submit the follow up assignments from the training days
Lawscot Trainee CPD Programme

Lawscot Trainee CPD is made up of four modules covering the following PEAT 2 Outcomes:

  • Professionalism
  • Professional communication
  • Professional ethics and standards
  • Business, commercial, financial and practice awareness

The course follows a blended learning approach with a combination of online independent learning and classroom training delivered by experts.

There are several available training day dates per module, so please select your preference at time of registering (this can always be amended later on, if needs be).

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to network with your peers from across the country, as well as having access to an optional mentor programme, enabling you to share your experiences and learn from others.

As trainee on this programme, you will also have complimentary access (up to a total of 20 hours) to our extensive webinar library, allowing you to make up the remaining 20 hours of un-authorised TCPD to combine with the 40 hours of authorised TCPD that the programme provides.

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If you are looking to select a single module or a selection of modules, contact To register for the complete programme, click below and select your preferred training day dates.
Programme modules

This module will introduce you to the legal profession, encouraging you to develop your judgement, build and maintain professional relationships, reflect upon and evaluate your performance and identify areas for further development.

The module 1 training day takes place three times a year, in November, March and July.

Taking the form of a training day ending in a debate around ethics, this module will fulfil the mandatory professional ethics and standards PEAT 2 outcomes. You will gain insight into issues that can arise from client confidentiality, conflict of interest and anti-money laundering obligations.

The aim of this module is to develop your abilities in:

  • Dealing with the complexities of ethical choices
  • The formal requirements of confidentiality, conflict of interest and anti-money laundering.

There are several training days throughout the year.

This module will cover communication with clients and other solicitors. In a series of trainer lead sessions and practical role-play exercises, you will be given the opportunity to conduct client-solicitor interviews and participate in negotiations.

The aim of this module is to:

  • Develop your negotiation, drafting and writing skills
  • Practice the skills you use when working with clients such as:
    • taking instructions
    • probing for clarity of information
    • explaining what options are available in relation to the legalities of their situation
    • obtaining instructions to settle

Module 3 training days run twice a year, in September and March. We suggest that you complete module 3 during the last six months of your traineeship but it can be completed outwith this time frame if necessary.

This module is based on a case study of a law firm and requires you to consider a number of problems facing the firm, including financial and business matters, inter-partner tensions and a formal complaint.

This module will help you develop:

  • Your skills in handling the inter-personal dynamics of partners and associates
  • Your commercial awareness
  • Your commercial and business skills in the context of running a law firm, including:
    • planning
    • risk management
    • responding to changes in the way legal services are delivered

Module 4 training days run twice a year, in November and May. We suggest that you complete module 3 during the last six months of your traineeship but it can be completed outwith that timeframe if necessary.

Module training days

Each module has a corresponding training day, and there several options for each throughout the year - only one training day per module needs to be attended. The training days are full day events (9am-5pm) and hosted in Edinburgh.

The options for 2020/21 are as follows:

*please note that due to postponements we will be looking to rearrange dates and will update the calendar below in due course.

Module 1 training day 10 July 2020 27 November 2020
Module 2 training day 18 September 2020 TBC January 2021
Module 3 training day 4 September 2020 26 March 2021
Module 4 training day 6 November 2020 28 May 2021
Why do TCPD with us?
  • Brand new programme, bespoke to trainees and their needs
  • Interactive, classroom based training to support independent, online learning
  • Opportunity to network with peers
  • Delivered by specialist trainers
  • Great facilities
  • Relevant to any traineeship, whether you're in-house or have joined a big firm or a high street firm
  • Access to the Society's webinar library for up to 20 hours of CPD/non-authorised TCPD
Additional information

Modules 1-4: £1,195

Individual modules: £495 each

All trainees must complete a minimum of 60 hours CPD training over the two-year period of their training contract. Of these 60 hours, 40 must be specialised trainee CPD (TCPD) taken with an authorised provider, while the remaining 20 hours can be made up from regular CPD.

Find out more about TCPD requirements and read the FAQs

As an authorised TCPD provider, we can provide you with a structured programme that provides 40 accredited TCPD hours over the course of four modules.

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If you are looking to select a single module or a selection of modules, contact To register for the complete programme, click below and select your preferred training day dates.

If you have any queries please email or call 0131 476 8360.