All trainees must complete a minimum of 60 hours CPD training over the two-year period of their training contract. Of these 60 hours, 40 must be specialised trainee CPD (TCPD) taken with an authorised provider, while the remaining 20 hours can be made up from regular CPD.

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As an authorised TCPD provider, we can provide you with a structured programme that provides 40 accredited TCPD hours over the course of four modules.

Coming soon....

We are excited to announce that our new programme will be launched soon!

The new programme will focus on core PEAT 2 Outcomes such as:

  • Professionalism
  • Professional communication
  • Professional ethics and standards
  • Business, commercial, financial and practice awareness

The majority of the programme content will be accessed online, supported by interactive training days delivered by experts. The Learning Management System will outline clear timeframes for the course, allowing you to synchronise your TCPD with your traineeship, creating a holistic learning experience.

You will have the opportunity to network with your peers, and have access to an optional mentor programme, enabling you to share your experiences and learn from others.

The induction and first training day will be Friday 14 December.

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Our TCPD programme start dates take place in November, March and July respectively. Register now to be included in the next one. The induction and first training day is Friday 14 December.

Module 1: Personal and professional development, 12 hours

Module 2: Ethics, 8 hours

Module 3: The client/solicitor relationship, 10 hours

Module 4: Personal, professional and commercial development, 10 hours


Why do TCPD with us?
  • Brand new programme, bespoke to trainees and their needs
  • Interactive, classroom based training to support independent learning
  • Opportunity to network with peers
  • Delivered by specialist trainers
  • Great facilities
  • Relevant to any traineeship, whether you're in-house or have joined a big firm or a high street firm

If you have any queries please contact Lucy Ozanne at or 0131 476 8360.

Additional information

Modules 1-4: £1,195

Individual modules: £495 each