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CPD Hours: 2hours

<p>Online 15-minute CPD micro-lessons to build legal tech knowledge for all lawyers.</p>
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2 hours verifiable CPD - Essential Career Skills Course

Broken down into 15-minute online, interactive micro-lessons, our Legal Tech for all Lawyers Foundation Course brings fast-track learning for busy lawyers on legal tech basics and must-knows.

With technology being so important to legal careers and firms our course is designed specifically for lawyers, using practical examples from across the legal sector. Better still, you can complete these modules on-demand at a time most convenient to you.

Attendees who complete this course will feel more confident around technology related terms, will understand the role of technology in their law firm, and the future of legal technology. They will be more willing to investigate tech-related opportunities and to consider improving practices they use personally or firm wide. We aim to break down the barriers that exist between experts in legal tech and lawyers in non-tech roles. By doing so we aim to help lawyers adopt technology to be more efficient and to communicate better with clients.


  • What is technology?
  • Is there such a thing as legal technology (including an outline of the global market and the UK's position)
  • A basic outline of “mystery” tech terms: the cloud, smart contracts, blockchain, workflows, document automation, outsourcing, hackathon, sandbox, cryptocurrency
  • Practical steps you can take to use technology better today
  • Examples of innovation by law firms or legal tech vendors
  • Future trends worth monitoring
  • Tech resources to stay up to date

This foundation course is for all lawyers. In the diverse and fast-moving field of legal technology, with no end of buzz words, foreign terms, and potential for information overload, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of embracing legal tech and all of the changes that come with it. This online course is designed to equip you with a basic level of understanding across a wide range of legal tech concepts.

Technological change and innovation is rapid. Such technological changes are likely to have an impact on both the provision of legal services and how the legal profession operates. Lawyers who have an understanding of technology are best placed to shape their future and drive their firm forward.

Director, Hey Legal
Director of Innovation and Technology, SkillBurst International

"This is a great foundation course if you have heard about IT concepts and Legal Tech but only have an inkling as to what they are really about. The link to the various tools/solutions in the market and who the main providers are is also very useful."

"I found this training course really interesting and I especially liked that it was cut down into manageable chunks of time so I could watch it when was suitable for me rather than in one big 2 hour chunk of time."

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