The Accredited Paralegal Status is open to anyone working as a paralegal under the supervision of a Scottish solicitor, either in private practice or in-house.  Our members range from individuals who have worked in the paralegal profession for several years to those just starting their career who have obtained a formal paralegal qualification. Whatever your circumstances we would encourage you to apply.

There are two routes available:

  1. If you have less than two years' experience working within your practice area and have obtained a formal qualification from one of our recognised providers you can apply to become a trainee accredited paralegal.
  2. If you have over two years’ experience working within a specific practice area, you can apply for full accreditation (also referred to as the waiver). We will ask you to provide evidence that you have been continuously working and are proficient in the general competencies for an accredited paralegal and specific competencies for your chosen practice area.  

We appreciate that some paralegals may not be unable to meet all competencies due to the nature of their role. If you want to discuss your eligibility, please just get in touch by emailing us at