It takes one year of training to become a Trainee Accredited Paralegal. Throughout this year you are expected to work closely with your supervising solicitor, to learn and work towards all of the competencies for the area of practice you are training under. There is no set training structure. This is for you and your supervising solicitor to determine.

What is required of my supervising solicitor?

During the training year your supervising solicitor should ensure that you learn and adhere to all of the competencies within the area of practice you are training under. By the end of trainee year the supervising solicitor must ensure you are fully competent with all of the competencies and you should be able to carry out all work where required.

Quarterly reviews

You must complete four quarterly reviews throughout your training year with your supervising solicitor. Your day to day work for each quarter should be checked against the competencies relating to the area of practice that you are registered under and a score between one and nine must be agreed by you and your supervising solicitor for each question of the review reflecting the level you are currently working at.

Quarterly reviews are required so we can assess your progress throughout your training year ensuring that by the end of the year you meet the standard of a Law Society of Scotland accredited paralegal.

View Trainee Quarterly Review grading

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You will be required to complete ten hours of CPD throughout your training year.

View the CPD guidance

What happens after the year of training?

At the end of the training year a member of the Registrar’s team will assess all four of your quarterly reviews and CPD. Should the reviews and CPD be in order the Trainee Accredited Paralegal will be awarded Law Society of Scotland Accredited Paralegal Status and be issued with a certificate which they can provide to their employer.