A Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is a digital signature with the highest form of security allowing identification and authentication of the signatory and the verification of the integrity of the signed document. The QES is the equivalent of a witnessed signature under the Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act 1995. Only practising solicitors can obtain this QES from the Law Society of Scotland.

What are the benefits of a QES?
  • It's an electronic signature that turns your transactions paperless while keeping them secure and significantly speeds up the process.
  • It allows for electronic exchange of documents, e.g. missives or contracts, without compromising security or accessibility.
  • It guarantees the integrity of the signed document and the identity of the signatory.
What are the benefits of the Law Society Smartcard QES?
  • Value for money - the QES costs £110 + VAT (total £132) per annum, regardless of how many signatures you apply during that time.
  • There are no other third parties involved; the entire process of obtaining one is done in-house. Likewise, your transactions are strictly between yourself and your counterpart.
  • Our face-to-face meetings add an extra layer of security in terms of identifying you, and creating your PIN codes.
  • By dealing with the Law Society of Scotland, you are dealing with a provider you already know.


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