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Cheques and Electronic Funds to be Held as Undelivered

Category: Guidance

Where postal settlement of a transaction is envisaged, good practice is to agree in advance the arrangements for the sending of and intromission with funds and other settlement items.

Citation and Commencement

Category: Rule

These rules may be cited as the Law Society of Scotland Practice Rules 2011. These rules shall come into operation on 1 November 2011.

Civil Legal Aid

Category: Rule

(a) grant any application for advice and assistance; (b) sign any application for civil legal aid as a practising solicitor nominated by the applicant;

Civil Legal Aid - reminder to designate and notify Compliance Manager

Category: Alert

Practice units providing civil legal aid are reminded that they will need to nominate a manager (partner) as Compliance Manager

Client Communication

Category: Rule

When tendering for business or at the earliest practical opportunity upon receiving instructions to undertake any work on behalf of a client, you shall provide the following information to the client in writing:

Client Communication Generally

Category: Guidance

This rule requires solicitors to provide information in writing to clients about certain specific matters namely

Client Relations Manager

Category: Rule

By each date set out in rule 5.2.2 a practice unit shall designate one of its managers as its Client Relations Manager, who shall be responsible for dealing with complaints made to that practice unit.

Client Relations Manager

Category: Guidance

1. Records to be kept (Rule B5.5.1) It is not intended that the record keeping exercise should simply be an administrative one.

Cloud Computing

Category: Advice and Information

Cloud systems may provide an alternative means of storing and processing data.

Code of Conduct for Criminal Work

Category: Guidance

The following Code contains a statement of good practice for those solicitors conducting criminal work. It does not have the status of a Practice Rule but may be referred to for guidance in assessing whether a solicitor’s conduct meets the standard required of a member of the profession.

Communication and Notices

Category: Rule

Subject to rule 7.2, where any of these rules permits or requires the Society or the Council to give or send a notice to, or serve a notice on, any person then such notice shall be:

Company Audit Enquiries

Category: Guidance

You must maintain client confidentiality.