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Conduct of Solicitor Advocates

Category: Rule

Propriety of conduct 4.4.2 Where you are in any doubt as to the propriety of any course of conduct you should: (a) seek the advice of the Secretary;

Confidentiality - Standards of Conduct

Category: Rule

You must maintain client confidentiality.

Confidentiality: Notifications to ICO

Category: Guidance

Criminal solicitors to notify ICO under Data Protection Act The Society continues to receive enquiries, especially from criminal practitioners, about whether they should have notified the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) under the Data Protection Act.

Conflict of Interest

Category: Rule

You must not act for two or more clients in matters where there is a conflict of interest between the clients or for any client where there is a conflict between the interest of the client and your interest or that of your practice unit.

Conflict of Interest Generally, Guidance Related to Rule B2.1

Category: Guidance

Conflict of Interest Generally It is a well established principle that solicitors should not act for clients where there is a conflict of interest between them. This is codified in rule B2.1.2 which states that "You shall not act for two or more parties whose interests conflict."

Conflict of interest guidance on corporate guarantees sought by banks

Category: Guidance

Guidance not to accept banks' instructions in relation to guarantees sought from client companies where overly onerous requirements are placed on solicitors.

Conflict of Interest in Commercial Securities

Category: Guidance

The Society believes that a definition of a commercial security transaction is helpful: "A commercial security transaction relates to the secured lending to a customer of a bank or other lending institution where the purpose of the loan is clearly for the customer's business purposes".

Conflict of Interest in relation to Outsourcing

Category: Guidance

B1.7: Conflict of Interest in relation to Outsourcing

Conflict of Interest, Rule B2.1

Category: Rule

You shall not act for two or more parties whose interests conflict.

Consent Form - Access to Medical Records

Category: Advice and Information

Consent Form produced by the British Medical Association

Contaminated Land

Category: Guidance

The Society's Professional Practice and Property Law Committee’s view is that if a solicitor does not feel qualified to comment on environmental matters.

Contingency Fund

Category: Rule

The Society shall manage and administer the contingency fund monies.