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Are you workplace ready?

Our Careers and Outreach Coordinator, Lyndsey Thomson, explains how mentoring can help graduates get ready for the workplace.

Exploring alternative careers: Working in Educational Technology (EdTech)

Cinzia Pusceddu is an Academic Liaison Officer (Technology Manager) at the University of Edinburgh's School of Engineering. As part of our blog series exploring alternative careers, Cinzia discusses why law students might want to consider a career in Educational Technology.

How to ace that video interview

DPLP student and founder of See Through Law, Amelia Mah, shares her top tips on how to make the best impression in your video interview for an internship or training contract.

New Year, New Plan: Make mentoring a resolution you can stick to!

Careers & Outreach Coordinator Lyndsey Thomson explains how mentoring can help you stick to those New Year resolutions and re-focus your career plans.

Top 10 tips for law students and graduates who are looking for a training contract

Kirsty Lang is a solicitor at Lyons Davidson and a graduate of the 2008 recession. In this piece she offers her tips for students on seeking a traineeship in difficult times.

Covid careers: navigating a path through a foggy future

Careers are rarely linear, yet that doesn't make the unexpected twists and turns any less daunting when they happen. Olivia Moore, our Careers & Wellbeing Manager, discusses the impact of coronavirus on careers and asks if you have a story to share of an unexpected career journey that could help others for our new careers blog series.

Demystifying contextualised recruitment for students

Olivia Moore, Careers & Wellbeing Manager at the Law Society of Scotland, explains contextualised recruitment for students, as these systems designed to enable fair access are becoming more common in graduate recruitment.

No summer placement? Don’t stress!

Hannah Leslie, Group Lawyer at Springfield Properties Plc, talks about why students who don't have legal summer placements don't need to panic about how this might impact their job prospects.

Levelling the playing field

The moderation of Scottish exams results has once again highlighted the challenges faced by pupils from lower-performing schools. Heather McKendrick, Head of Careers & Outreach, discusses how the Law Society is attempting to ensure fair access to the profession, what more needs to be done and how employers can help.

Advocating hope - lessons from summer school

Our week-long virtual summer school had sessions on a wide variety of topics, including exploring the work of advocates. Attendee Julian Thomson discusses the impactful words of one particular speaker and how they inspired him to explore advocacy as a career.

Virtual summer school inspires the next generation of lawyers

For the first time ever, the Law Society of Scotland ran its summer school virtually this year, with more than 70 pupils from across Scotland attending. Mac Sanderson, a fifth-year pupil at Boroughmuir High School Edinburgh, discusses his experience of the summer school and why everyone interested in a career in law should sign up.

Virtual ways to boost your employability

With social distancing measures in force across the country, Laura McLay, a third-year law student at the University of Edinburgh, looks at the virtual ways aspiring legal professionals can develop their skills and gain work experience online.