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Make stress management and resilience-building a priority for 2021

Fiona Chambers works part-time as an employment lawyer and also delivers workplace wellbeing training. In this piece, Fiona gives us twelve steps to take a proactive approach to managing stress and building resilience in the coming year.

Wellbeing in the winter: how to support your teams

Emma Smith, HR Business Partner at Burness Paull LLP and member of the Lawscot Wellbeing steering group, shares some seasonal tips for employers on how to support staff wellbeing.

International Men's Day 2020: Parental leave for dads should be part of our new normal

Tim Mouncer, Public Affairs Manager at the Law Society of Scotland, tells us about his experience of taking shared parental leave and his hopes that it becomes an expected norm for fathers.

International Men's Day 2020: A letter to my son

Tim Taylor, an Associate Solicitor at Hastings Legal and member of our Property and Land Law Reform Law Sub-Committee, writes a letter to his 16-month-old son Ben reflecting on men's wellbeing and what it means to be a "good man".

International Men's Day 2020: Je ne regrette rien…

Gregory Stachura, a Knowledge & Development lawyer in Banking Practice at Burness Paull, discusses how the experience of his father's efforts to be a fully involved dad has impacted his own approach to fatherhood, even when flexible and part-time working for dads was less-than fashionable.

Amanda Millar Passes the Badge on World Mental Health Day 2020

The Society's President, Amanda Millar, tells us why she is supporting our campaign to Pass the Badge on World Mental Health Day this year, as part of our work on tackling mental health stigma and discrimination.

Elaine Motion on Passing the Badge for World Mental Health Day

Elaine Motion, Chairman of Balfour+Manson shares her thoughts about mental health as part of the Society's Pass the Badge campaign launch to mark World Mental Health Day 2020.

Iain Reid Passes the Badge to mark World Mental Health Day

Iain Reid, Chief Executive of the Faculty of Advocates, explains how the Faculty helps supports its members' mental health and what he does to switch off from the pressures of work as part of our Pass the Badge campaign to mark World Mental Health Day this year.

LawCare: How we can help

LawCare is the charity dedicated to supporting people working in the law. Most of us have probably heard of it, but do you know how LawCare can help, why people call and who would be at the other end of the phone? Find out more here.

World Suicide Prevention Day – how can you and your workplace get involved?

Olivia Moore who leads our Lawscot Wellbeing work discusses how employers and individuals can get involved in raising awareness to mark World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 on Thursday, 10 September.

How to combat imposter syndrome before it hinders your success

Amina Amin, a first-year trainee solicitor at Jones Whyte LLP, offers her top five tips to others just starting their legal career on how to combat imposter syndrome.

How mindfulness can help us with our 'new normal'

In the latest in her series on mental wellbeing, Hannah Frahm explains how mindfulness can help us in the 'new normal' we find ourselves in.