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Letter: the root of our stress

The underlying reasons for stress in the profession, and the need to tackle them

Letter: judicial appointments – more debate

Comments on the article in the February edition

Letter: harassment – a problem, no question

It must be considered everyone's problem if things are to change

Letter: moral obligations

A challenge to the advice in the Ask Ash November column

Bringing the world to "world-class"

Sarah Sutton, digital communications executive at the Law Society of Scotland, talks about her bright idea to ensure international representation on the Society’s Council

The Debate - backstage, front of house and top tips

In this mini-series of blogs, three key players in the Donald Dewar Memorial Debating Tournament share their individual perspectives of the event.

Letter: less stress than the city

Why do solicitors ignore the alternative?

The mind matters

It is time the profession took much more seriously the issue of stress, especially as it affects younger lawyers

Letter: pay – it isn't up to women

Letter: the profession as a whole must act to eliminate the pay gap

Letter: appropriate image?

Why that image of Marilyn Monroe to illustrate "Purpose-driven women?"

Letter: what women faced

Shameful examples of discrimination in the profession existed until not many years ago

The lowdown on LawCare

Qs and As from a LawCare briefing to the Society

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