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Letter: a special thank you

Parting message from Bruce Ritchie

Competencies and public appointments

Do appointments panels truly assess the essential qualities?

Letter: A pedigree defended

The story of Andrew Jameson McCulloch

Employment survey: answers and questions

Journal's first exercise throws up some interesting figures, but conclusions are more difficult

Paralegals: team building at work

Initial success of Registered Paralegal Scheme suggests the right formula

Useful exchanges at judicial appointments seminar

Interested audience - but gender balance as before

Pro bono needs a conversion of hearts

Proposal for compulsion likely to be counterproductive

Equal chances

Don't be misled by the judicial appointments figures

Confidence in our judges

Judicial Appointments Board report shows the challenge of squaring the circle

Access advantage?

Recession pressures could make it more likely that those with the right connections win through

Bucking the "elitism" trend

Engaging with schools and universities enables the Society to widen access to the Scottish profession

Up the down escalator

"Access to the professions" research needs to look at all the angles

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