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Journal editorial September 2021

The draft rules for holding civil court hearings remotely go further than may feel comfortable with – is there a justification?

Journal editorial June 2021

The future of remote civil court hearings will need the same spirit of collegiality that enabled the collective delivery of the process – and some fresh thinking

Sheriff addresses "confusion" over sanction for counsel

Obtaining sanction for particular work “misconceived”

Legal aid: a 3% rise, and then what?

Ken Dalling offers some thoughts to mark the day of the general increase

Housing damages action raised in wrong forum

Sheriff holds solicitors liable for mistakes as to jurisdiction

Sheriff wrong to decide case when proof part heard

Having ordered a proof and heard some evidence, it had to conclude

What is relevant to granting a reponing note?

Should the court test the quality of the failure to appear?

Letter: SLAB – a chance to respond

How one civil practitioner replied to a customer satisfaction survey

“No order” ruling justified for contact failure contempt

Sheriff entitled to give opportunity to reflect and change

Service on a four year old? The purpose of form F9

Appeal Court appoints reporter to take child's views instead

Unravelling a decree granted in ignorance but not error

Application for recall, rather than appeal, is correct procedure

Courts curb the leeway for party litigants

Two decisions limit ability to frustrate court process