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Journal editorial July 2020

If action on court provision is not taken soon, we may face a hard choice between preserving the jury system and protecting human rights

VE day and the Hate Crime Bill

Convener of the Criminal Law Committee Debbie Wilson reflects on the effect of intolerance and hatred in a society and the responsibility the legal profession has in preventing it.

Journal editorial March 2020

The Scottish Sentencing Council's proposed guideline for young offenders should be looked at in the wider sentencing context

Letter: kindness – what effect?

Data should be provided on whether the "kindness courts" really make a difference

Legal aid: a 3% rise, and then what?

Ken Dalling offers some thoughts to mark the day of the general increase

Law for people

The dignity of the law has come before the dignity of those caught up in its processes. What might happen if that were reversed?

Under siege

After the extra money announced for prosecutors and then the police, something has to be done now for the defence sector

Letter: what do the money laundering rules achieve?

System of detection, not prevention, gives solicitors difficult choice

Case to be made

If the independent legal aid review could not find evidence to support a general rise in fees, what should the response be?

Letter: detention – unanswered questions

A defence lawyer's concerns at the lack of clarity over what should take place before and during an interview

Letter: better research?

SLAB is criticising the Law Society of Scotland's research, but what of its own standards?

Letter: what the review needs to cover

Legal services review should extend to delays in prosecuting rogue lawyers