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The purpose of prison

Retiring Chief Inspector's report contains some home truths

Tackle prejudice in all its forms

We need to dispel the confusion that two-tier justice is being created by "hate crime" laws

The limits of review

Criminal Cases Review Commissions were never intended to turn back the centuries

Fine tuning

Inspectorate's report on fiscal fines answers some but not all questions

Choosing the ground

Any review of solicitor advocates and rights of audience has to be seen to be impartial

Plenty of meat in this one

Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill gives Holyrood something to chew over

The price of extended rights

Solicitor advocates right to support call for review

"Double jeopardy" looks safe for now

Despite the fuss, the ancient principle has plenty of life

Can we legislate to keep people out of jail?

How far can the Scottish Government go beyond what is already the law?

Legal aid savings should be reinvested

Readers of the Scottish Legal Aid Board's annual report should look beyond the headline figures

Votes in it?

Surely no advantage in electing our prosecutors