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Belief in independence protected under Equality Act 2010

Judge allows discrimination claim by SNP councillor to go ahead

When 10 discrimination allegations are not enough

Judge wrong to require claimant to select 10 allegations from claim

National minimum wage not payable for full sleepover shifts

Court of Appeal rules rate only due for time actually worked

Tribunal bound to deal with alleged discipline disparity

Case to be reheard following failure to make findings or analysis

Company barred from defending should have been heard on award

Court of Appeal also limits costs payable by respondent

Mind the gap

Do the Gender Pay Gap Regulations provide enough useful information to justify their approach?

Holiday pay: average over what period?

Strict 12 weeks in regulations preferred to annualised sum

Award limit annual increases about to come in

Inflation linked rises apply to claims lodged from 6 April

Is a change of care provider a TUPE transfer?

EAT refers important case back to new tribunal

Forty year old rule called into question?

Burchell test queried in Supreme Court, but no early threat

Employers should consider “bumping” in redundancy cases

Duty is to look at possibility rather than to carry out

Letter: harassment – a problem, no question

It must be considered everyone's problem if things are to change