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Sheriff refuses financial order due to “web of deceit"

Agent “lost sight of role of solicitor” instructing expert

Failure to challenge affidavit evidence can affect case

Permanence order granted despite view of parent's drug expert

Sheriff rejects claim based on post-separation mortgage payments

No order made as value gain balanced by rent payments

Medical treatment did not preclude habitual residence

Mother's changed intention to remain in Scotland had become evident

Amendment competent to introduce separation ground?

Sheriff restates view that time must have passed before action

Intention at purchase key to matrimonial property dispute

Wife shows how to use s 9 principles to win capital sum

Sheriff wrong to decide case when proof part heard

Having ordered a proof and heard some evidence, it had to conclude

Pension subject to Dutch law left out of account

Contingent interest in share scheme counted once value known

Bar for permanence applications not quite so high

Sheriff held to have placed too great an onus on council

Permanence order decisions failed to take holistic approach

Inner House allows council appeal in interests of child's welfare

PVG disclosure scheme to be streamlined

Consultation on simplified system closes shortly

“No order” ruling justified for contact failure contempt

Sheriff entitled to give opportunity to reflect and change