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Service on a four year old? The purpose of form F9

Appeal Court appoints reporter to take child's views instead

Unravelling a decree granted in ignorance but not error

Application for recall, rather than appeal, is correct procedure

No permanence order where kinship not fully considered

Sheriff attacks reliance on expert evidence on proposed carer

Children held to have new habitual residence in Germany

Order granted for return following removal to Scotland

Fairness still the test where both cohabitees wealthy

£912,000 award made to partner in legal firm

Sheriff goes with usage in child surname dispute

Both parents’ names adopted where both already in use

Non-parentage order refused despite absence of forms

Sheriff holds clinic lost forms signed by both parties

Should council have appealed permanence order refusal?

Court’s criticism contrasts with approach in English decision

No expenses awarded despite permanence order refusal

Authority entitled to act on report discredited at proof

Financial agreement without legal advice held not unfair

Sheriff Appeal Court upholds parties' freedom of contract

Limits to party's obligations on pension sharing, sheriff holds

Incidental order as way of overcoming liquidity problem refused

Law of accession does not determine matrimonial assets: sheriff

Home built on non-matrimonial plot should be valued separately