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Matrimonial home treated like other assets for sharing

No inference to be drawn from title being in joint names

Adoption granted to prevent challenge to other orders

Court allows applications by children's aunt and her husband

Holiday leave refused where risk of children not returning

No adequate safeguards if removed to Algeria

Pre-matrimonial assets as special circumstances

Case also discusses needs justifying periodical allowance

Court sets out threshold test for permanence order

Legislation criticised as sheriff's decision upheld

Contact restoration outweighed by mother and child's opposition

Indirect contact allowed though direct not in best interests

Succession Act brings in the divorce effect

[Provisions for spouses to be revoked on divorce or annulment]

Sheriff principal wrong to overturn refusal of contact

Case should in any event have been reheard of new

Pre-cohabitation payment can be factor in financial claim

Ultimate basis of fairness should mean sheriff has discretion

Agreement not unfair despite unequal division

Party challenging had preferred security and peace of mind

Expert evidence ruled inadmissible in relocation case

Kennedy v Cordia tests applied to exclude psychological reports

Conduct of farm business did not determine farm ownership

Wife fails with property claim but wins periodical allowance